Thursday, May 31, 2007

AirPort Issues

Dear Friends,

I've been having some issues with AirPort on my computer. For some reason it won't hold a signal - it just keeps saying it's unable to connect. Because of how my Mail works, I can't access it away from my computer. Thus, if you have tried to email me and haven't received a response, it's because my computer has ISSUES! Agh! Just wanted to let you all know.


p.s. if you're wondering how I posted this, my sweet husband let me borrow his computer for a few hours - hallelujah.


chavon said...

maybe it has to do with the fact that reid was banging on it the other day... hey i actually emailed so i guess i'll try a text! love you

Nina said...

Is this only at your home or also at other places (coffee shops, airports, other people's houses, etc)? Just wondering. I'm a computer geek by day, attend The Village Church, actually went to Tech with Chavon who left you a comment, and thought I'd see if a sista needs some computer help!

Ran into this site by accident! Good times!

Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

remember back when you could blog? those were good times. i think it's time you borrowed matt's computer again... :)