Sunday, October 21, 2007

Currently Kicking My Butt...

is this book...

Andrew Murray's "Humility"

A few tastes:

"It needs to be made clear that it is not sin that humbles but grace. It is the soul occupied with God in His wonderful glory as Creator and Redeemer that will truly take the lowest place before Him."

"Just as water seeks and fills the lowest place, so the moment God finds the creature empty, His glory and power flow in to exalt and to bless."

"As the meek and lowly One, He will come into and dwell within the longing heart."

"It is a solemn thought that our love for God is measured by our everyday relationships with others. Except as its validity is proven in standing the test of daily life with our fellowmen, our love for God may be found to be a delusion."

"Flee to Jesus and hide yourselves in Him until you are clothed with His humility. That alone is holiness."

"Place yourself before God in your helplessness; consent to the fact that you are powerless to slay yourself; give yourself in patient and trustful surrender to God. Accept every humiliation; look upon every person who tries or troubles you as a means of grace to humble you."

More on this later :)


Ashie Nichole said...

Hey girl! I tried to go find that book after CR, but I didnt have any luck. Where did you buy it from?

GloryandGrace said...

Wow - your heading for this post was precisely correct.

Have you ready C.J. Mahaney's book on humility? I have it, but haven't read it yet.

Thanks again for posting the quotes!

thosetonnes said...

Who that seems like a really good book in the sense that it brings you closer to God. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Bezner said...

That book sounds absolutely fantastic. Humility is tough for me (I guess everyone) because I tend to bend toward selfishness so quickly...