Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thoughts on Thankfulness (and Unthankfulness)

John Piper on why God would start with himself as king of Israel and then bring human kingship into Israel's history later through a spectacular sin (Israel's rebellious request for a human king):

"We should learn from this how stiff-necked and rebellious and unthankful we are...Each time they forgot God and went after other things. That is not just the story of Israel. It's the story of humanity. It's the story of my life and your life. Even as Christians, we are not steadfast in our affections for God. We have thankful days and unthankful days. And even our thankful days are not as thankful as they should be.

Just think of how joyful and thankful you would be if your heart responded to God himself and his ten thousand gifts with the admiration and gratitude of which he is worthy." (from Spectacular Sins)

As Thanksgiving is only two days away, I am especially struck by the truth of this text in my life. I am an unthankful person. Like Israel, I so often forget God and live as if He is an afterthought or bit-part in the story of my life. I forget how He's provided, rescued, saved, sustained and redeemed.

Lord, forgive me for so easily forgetting You. Help me to have a thankful heart always, not just at Thanksgiving. Thank you for Thanksgiving and other reminders of Your providence. Help me impart a spirit of thankfulness to Audrey, Reid, and, according to Your pleasing will, this baby growing inside me. Thank you for each day I carry this little miracle. Thank you for the grace, righteousness and perfect thankfulness imputed to me by Your Son. For that, I am forever thankful.


The Three Tenners said...

Beautiful prayer!

The Grahams said...

Thank You for your encouragements.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,
Saw your Twitter note about your cough. Have you tried rubbing Vicks Vapo Rub on your feet? The "Mommy Network" at our school passed it along to us last fall. Put a good amount on the soles of your feet and then cover them with socks. I've only tried it at night and it works...a little stinky but it has worked in our house with myself and our kiddos. Will continue to pray over you all.

Them Chandlers said...


Thanks for the home remedy! I tried it last night. Even though I could only keep the socks on for a few hours (I removed them in the middle of the night...I struggle having something on my feet in bed!), I think it worked!