Monday, December 8, 2008

My Christmas Mix

I made a little "Christmas Mix" for my friend, Maury. She and I share the same love for, as she calls them, "teary Christmas songs." So here's a sample:

Teary Christmas Playlist...
"A Baby Changes Everything" sung by Faith Hill (from her new Christmas album)
"Angel's Lullaby" by Christy Nockels from "Ring the Bells"
"God Is With Us" live version sung by Christy Nockels from "Gloria"
"O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" sung by C. Nockels from "Gloria"
"Follow That Star" by Cindy Morgan from "Gloria"
"Prepare a Place" sung by Michael W. Smith & Christine Dente from "Gloria"
"Welcome to Our World" by Chris Rice

Tip: the Gloria album is great but not easy to find with Christy's live version of "God is With Us". I found it online at Just click on the song above.


Lisa Allen said...

I am so glad to hear some "different" Christmas music...I love me some Jesus but I HATE(thats right I said HATE) Christmas music, you know the same ol' same ol'...grrrr it just makes me angry...I really like your selections thanks for introducing them to me. L.

Amanda said...

I love every single song on that list!! O Come O Come Emmanuel is a personal favorite. I sob every time.

enriko said...

Here are some other sad christmas songs :
"Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg.

And , you cant get cheesier then this but i think its ok to listen to cheese on christmas! Saddest christmas song ever is "christmas shoes" by Newsong. youtube link

Do you know if Chris Rice has faith? Like some of his other songs are rele deep and seem spiritual...

All of you have great christmas!!

Lindsay said...

Angels Lullaby is my favorite. That is Lukes song...I sing it to him all year round, he doesn't mind (right now) that I don't sound like Christy when I sing it! :) Hope you are feeling good!

Michael, Faith and Evan Bleecker said...

nice list. one of favorites is Chris Rice - Welcome To Our World.