Saturday, May 9, 2009

Norah's Nursery

A virtual tour of Norah's nursery. I'm still waiting for her quilt and bumpers to be finished. I'll write a special post for that. For now, here's what we've got:

You might notice the tissue pom-poms in the crib. Those will be going up shortly...hanging in the right corner and in the opposite corner not shown. The paint color I chose was Plaster Pink 2 from Laura Ashley home at Lowe's. I originally said I didn't want pink and brown. The bedding is mainly yellow with a wide range of pinks and a hint of brown. I found some beautiful drapes for a great deal and they were, of all colors, brown with light golden polka dots. So - pink & brown (& yellow & green) it would be!

This was the chandelier we replaced in our dining room. Size-wise, it fits better in the nursery. I just added some painted shades and trimmed them with the brown tassels.

My sweet Momma made this for Norah. You can't see it very well in this picture but the print in the upper-middle pane is Norman Rockwell's A Day in the Life of a Girl. Upon seeing Mom's piece of artwork, Audrey immediately asked if she could have a bear like this one. 

Mom and I found this dresser at a consignment store in town (Furniture Buy Consignment). This piece was previously used in a model home. The knobs had been painted like baseballs for a baseball themed room. We just spray-painted them brown and voila :)

This nightstand went along with the dresser. We have yet to paint the knob!

Be looking for a special post on the nursery bedding. I have two friends who have started a baby bedding business and I can't wait to introduce them (and their work) to you!


Michael said...

The room looks awesome.

I'm turning your mic off this weekend for your cute little comment. You'll hear it in your monitor but the crowd will only see Lauren mimin.

Elizabeth Seay said...

love it!
all of it...the colors, the way you re-used and customized pieces to make it all work together.
you're making me want to decorate my house!
or have another baby!
oh wait, no more babies:)
i'll just stick to decorating...

love the name norah too!
hope you guys are doing great!

KimBeau Hughes said...

So precious! Thanks for sharing. I love it all, but my favorite is the yellow lamp. :)

The Johnstons said...

So, so adorable!!

Corby and Lauren said...

Oh my goodness... I love Norah's room!!!! You have done a fabulous job with it. I can't wait to see her bedding!

The Rozell Family said...

Hey Lauren,

her room is so beautiful! I hope the Lord blesses us with a little girl one day, I want to decorate a girls nursery SO bad! Hey is Keri Evans making your bedding? just curious!??? Hope you are feeling well. Is baby Norah moving around a lot??? That is always so fun to feel them moving around all day!

Angie said...

Beautiful! My daughters bedroom was done in pink and brown as well. I couldnt find anything I liked more than those two colors. You are a great decorator!!

Also I didnt know if you happened to have an email address?

thosetonnes said...

Nursery is so cute and very girly. Love it. I think that your second job should be an interior decorator. Can't wait to see Norah

debra said...

love it!!!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Sooo fun!!! Everything is so sweet! So happy for you and cant wait to meet Norah.

coneandmo said...

Hi there! Quick decorating question... How did you attach the ribbon/tuel to the letters? We are doing something similiar and I wasn't sure, hot glue, staple gun? I think that my letters are the same. :)