Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Day of First Grade + Other Fun Things

Audrey's first day of school

Audrey's oldest friend that's a boy (note: not boy friend) = Parker
Reid + his very best friend Cole
Parker again - such a cutie.
Parker's + Cole's little brother Ryder - don't you want to just eat him up??
Cole + Reid keeping track of downs.
Norah + Ryder
Racing towards a touchdown.


Anonymous said...

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AliveinMe said...

Such precious gifts from God-- this I know. I was blessed with one beautiful amazing little girl-- and I thank Him everyday for her. She as well has epilepsy like I do-- but well controlled. Mine never was. So I pray she never moves onto brain surgery-- not once, twice--or three times like me. But what God has in store-- is always amazing-- His plan is the only way to go... He formed us-- knowing every tiny hair... and that I praise Him so much for when I see my now 8 yr old... WOW!!! AMEN!! Your family is a blessing-- and so watched over by Him--used by Him!! Keep your eyes upon Him!! He never fails us!! We love you all!! ~Heather/Hetty @AliveinMe

Amanda said...

i love the last pic! so stinkin cute :D