Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Great Sermon

While my husband is, I believe, one of the greatest preachers ever :) There are some that I listen to occasionally that aren't so bad (ha!). John Piper is one of them. This is a great sermon on seeing worship through song as spiritual warfare....something that I am passionate about!


For some reason (it might be because of Safari) I can't do that cool link connected to the word like saying THIS article and clicking on this and it takes you straight there and you don't have to endure the ugliness of http....../////..... *sigh* I'm new to this, alright!


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Kent said...

I love your writing. Just a thought on the linking thing: You are right about Safari. If you download Firefox (firefox.com), open it, and create a new blog within Firefox, it will have a button at the top of your posts that looks like a chain link.

Type in a word like, "sermon" highlight it, and then click on the link button. It will pull up a place for you to paste a url you copied from another site. Once you do this, "sermon" will be a link.

There is a way to write the code in Safari, but I recommed using Firefox for this. It's free, and it's really a wonderful internet browser.

If you want to learn the code you can go to this page: http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=41379&topic=8915

I love irony.