Monday, February 5, 2007

The Reidster

I just realized that I have a disproportionate number of "Audrey posts" versus "Reid posts." So I've sought to remedy that today...instead of cleaning and straightening up the house for the guests I'm having over for Audrey's family birthday party at 6 tonight...*sigh*

Reid Walker Chandler, whom we affectionately call Reider Rooter (have no idea how that started), has been an absolute joy and an absolute foil to Audrey. He is all boy, she, all girl. Reid loves:

trucks (and making a "vroom" sound as he violently races them on any flat surface)
loud noises (my dad is an incredible handyman and remodeler; he used the saw in front of Reid and it was love at first sight)
banging objects together
destroying everything in sight (including Audrey's Ariel Banity...see previous post).
throwing his food off the high chair (it's amazing the distance hot dog slices can get...chicken nuggets?? even further)
hamming it up for the camera
pulling cords out of the sockets
opening drawers and cabinets
removing his socks at lightening speed

I love that he's all boy. It makes me appreciate the Lord's make each of us uniquely in His image.

Playing with his truck - thanks Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Tiffany!! I love you!


Debra said...

These pictures are great! I so love the differences between my own boy and girl. Kids are so fun. They definitely make life interesting.

Have fun with Audrey's party.

The Bethancourts said... I love that you sent me a link to your blog! I enjoy keeping up with you guys that way. You are incredible!!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

he is so frappin cute!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

he is so frappin cute!

Richardsons of HV said...

Get ready, girl! It gets even more exciting!!!

Amanda and Jackson said...

Oh my, he is adorable!

olivia and henry said...

reid is SO CUTE! he looks just like you, lauren!!!