Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Here We Go

No fun photos today. But, oh will I have some come Sunday. We're headed to Matt's mom's family reunion in Missouri tomorrow. A nice long 8 hour drive. Should be all roses with a 20-month-old.

Seriously though, it will be fun.

The only sad thing is that we're coming back home before church on Sunday. Historically, church at the reunion has been a family affair. Matt preaches, Matt's mom plays the piano and Matt's sisters and I sing the special. (Keep in mind this is for the 20 faithful members...we more than double their attendance that Sunday...in fact, being the good Baptist church it is, they've designated it as "high attendance Sunday." Just kidding. Sort of.) What a sad day it will be.

All this to say, the blogging front will be quiet until Sunday. But, doesn't the anticipation just add to the excitement???

I'll miss you all.


Melissa Rowe said...

haha! yes it does! cant wait to hear some funny stories.

thosetonnes said...

Hope y'all have fun!

Debra said...

I love Missouri. Have fun.