Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Sno-Cone Saviors

Monday night Matt was speaking at a singles' event at our church. I cooked dinner for our whole family (yay for me...I've actually been cooking dinner!) and then we parted ways - Matt to church while the kids and I ventured to Bahama Buck's. My new favorite addiction. We roll into the parking lot and see our friends Angie and Philip enjoying their frosty cones on the patio. We waved hello and felt blessed to have caught a glimpse of them that evening. Little did I know, they would be our sno-cone saviors.

I order, I pull up to the window and I wait. The pleasant young man at the window hands us our sno-cones - one baby white coconut, one baby cherry, banana, pina colada, and one baby cotton candy (I'll let you guess who had what). I start to pull away.

Something is not right.

Something is definitely not right.

I steer our vehicle to the side of the parking lot. I step out and survey the damage. Yep, a flat tire.

I can count on NO hands how many times I've changed a flat. I've always had dad or Matt with me.

Suddenly, a heroic anthem strikes up behind me. The music grows louder and louder as I sense it approaching me. I turn around and soak up the vision of my heroes arriving. Thank you, Lord!

Angie and Philip then proceed to change my tire for me amidst sweat and melting sno-cones. I don't think I did anything to help other than acting as their grateful cheerleader. Angie even took Audrey to the restroom while I kept watch on Reid as he kept watch on Philip changing the tire!

In honor of their valor, I have written them an ode:

Ode to the Sno-Cone Saviors

Whilst venturing out
To enjoy
A treat
So sweet and cool
With the humble
Portion of
My kindred,
A villain
So sharp
And uncaring
Its cold
The pliable flesh
Of the soles
Of our vehicle.

And disabled
We could not
Go on.
We lamented
Our fate
And bellowed
Our distress.
Who would save
What gentle soul
Would heed
Our cry
For help?

Our pondering
To ourselves,
Two heroes
Of such
Noble stature
Flew to our side,
Working feverishly
And with
Little care
For themselves
Or the quiet evening
They previously

Because of
Their kindness,
Their timeliness,
Their skill,
We were
Safely off
To our abode
And free
To proclaim
The greatness
Of their

To whom
Can we
Compare them to?
A super hero?
I think not.
For never
There was
A super hero
With such
Such speed,
Divinely appointed presence.
They are
Our saviors,
Deliverers from distress.
They are


Finally an Abrigg..... said...

hahahahahah....this is hilarious! you have such a gift.

lori said...

love reading your blog, keep it coming!!

lori (

thosetonnes said...

Matt and I love that place too! Great little song! Hope after all of that you guys enjoyed your snow cones! -Kristen Tonne

Josh, Nat, & Lily Pat said...

this made me smile. :)

Kristen said...

Wow, you really are a talented writer...who else could be as creative to write an ode to sno cone saviors!! My niece and I regularly visit Bahama Bucks too. What a great place.

Amanda said...

haha...I loved your Ode! And such precious friends you have!

Chilton Family said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Okay two, thank the lord that someone else is addicted to bahama bucks besides me. (i've already filled up two punch cards) second, i just got home from dropping blake off at the airport to leave for zambia and on my way out I hit a curb...busting a huge hole in my tire. There were no airport saviors...but there were directions in the jack kit that soon became my savior!! HA HA!! that I'm sweaty and covered in black...I think I'm going to go jump in the shower! Love your poem!! HA!!

chavon said...

i LOVE bahama bucks!! i am super obsessed!!!!

Mandy B Stenberg said...

Hi there! We've never actually met but I'm Angie B's big sister, Mandy. She directed me to the ODE for a great read! That's too fun! She's a pretty sweet gal if I do say so myself. Love your blog!

Katie said...