Friday, December 28, 2007


Yes, I know He's the Reason for the Season. I know that these are the HOLYdays. But even so, I tend to get distracted. I don't quite understand what happens, really. All my shopping was done. Most, if not all, of the presents were wrapped and patiently waiting under the tree. No extensive cooking took up my schedule. Just a few Christmas services in which to take part. But nothing in and of itself that I would label "distracting."

Still. Still...

I was distracted. I left God on the back burner. I thought about Him. I talked to Him. But I didn't engage Him. And let me tell you, there is a difference!

Enter...the Accuser.

He's so crafty. He relishes in manipulating my already fallen flesh...the subtle pride-filled part of me that wants to earn it. How can you call yourself His? You completely blew it. You don't deserve to talk or sing about Him now.

Ironically, he's right. But only partly right. You see, I have an Advocate. And, by His blood and His Father's love, I am still His child.



Gabe, Elizabeth, Perryn, and Teagan said...

So true, I tried and did better to keep the focus on Him this year, but still failed to engage Him. I have a hard time with the engaging part on a daily basis. Hmm...will need to work on that NOW.

I am going to miss you guys terribly, but will keep up with you on your blog. Thank you so much for your great friendship, your wonderful insight, and for just being you and I respect you for it immensely.

Fun With Five said...

I've been a lurker for quite some time, can't remember exactly how I stumbled upon your blog, but I HAD to come out of hiding to say thank you for sharing this! All I can say, is I really needed this, if you know what I mean...:)

Erin said...

Thanks Lauren. I hope you know how comforting it is to hear that others struggle with Satan's lies. I've been listening to (and sadly believing) the "I'm not good enough" and "you've got to earn everyone's love- even God's" lies for a long time. Have you read The Search for Significance by Robert McGee? It's really good - about finding your significance in God alone. I'm going through it with my counselor - amazing stuff. Thanks again for sharing your heart. It helps to strengthen and edify us all.

John and Natalee Warren said...

Thanks for being so transparent, its so encouraging!

Becky Kiser said...

I know exactly what you mean. I just got married. So between the wedding madness, the honeymoon and now the holidays I have been struggling to engage. Desperate for that intimacy, but struggling at the surface. Thanks for sharing!!