Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm Posting Because It's Almost Been 2 Weeks!

Hello all. All ten of you. As the title of this post so succinctly puts it, I'm posting simply out of good blog-keeping. Again. So here's the deal:

Audrey and Reid go back to Mother's Day Out tomorrow. Yay - for them and for me. I think they grow tired of me. Doesn't hurt my feelings one bit.

I didn't get a single picture of my children in their Easter outfits. Oh, the humanity.

Reid is really into his new Transformer. Optimus Prime. "Autobots, let's roll!" "We must stomp out the Decepticons!"

Audrey (and Mom) have watched "Enchanted" a couple of times since purchasing it on a whim at Wal-Mart.

Matt and I are taking a road trip on a big bus with a bunch of friends for a wedding this weekend. (Wow. How many prepositions in that sentence?? Too many, I tell ya.) It should be fun. Is 24 hours a long time on a bus?

(not a picture of the actual bus)

I'll hopefully come home with some pictures...or a sore tail. :)

On April 1, I will have the privilege of leading worship with my friend Donna at Breakaway again. Always good to worship through song with the girls in College Station. Whoop!

Happy Monday, everybody.


Amanda said...

Hey girl! I've been missing you and I'm so glad you posted. I was going to email you and say that I can't wait to see you in a week or so! Whoop!

Erin said...

I bet you've got a TON more than 10 readers. Blog-stalkers - they're everywhere. I'm one of them. :-) Thanks for writing for us!

Kristyn said...

I LOVE that there is a WHOOP in this post! ;)

The Johnstons said...

What, no Easter pictures?!? That's just not like you! Let me know if you come through on your way to CS, would LOVE to see you!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Take pictures of the bride. I love seeing wedding dresses. I am so glad he is getting married! Have fun... I really want to see Enchanted

The Engelhardt 4 said...

I so miss keeping up with everyone when you are so busy and no time to blog. Thanks for the update...

I know that my keester would NOT be able to handle 24 hours on a bus. Please post some pics and stories when you get back. Be safe!!

lauren w said...

i love group road trips lucky duck!

Emmers said...

Glad you finally blogged again! And I *loved* enchanted.

thosetonnes said...

I am glad you updated! Have fun on a bus! I never really liked them, but having lots of friends in the bus should be fun! Can't wait to see pics!

TJ Wilson said...

Feeling your pain. I need to cut and paste your 1st paragraph into my blog - kind of hard to post after not writing in awhile.
Regarding Easter photos, at least you didn't take 50 and accidentally delete them all. That would really stink. I'm still recovering. Glad you're back!

Jeremy and Crystal said...

Hey, good to here from you. Crazy we're going to finally be parents! We're pretty excited and nervous! Hope the trip went great, I'm sure the wedding was fun and a good reunion for everybody. We continually hear great things are going on with you guys.

Jeremy and Crystal

The Mays Family said...

When I was younger we took a bus from Scotland to Spain - it took 36 hours but we had a blast. Have a good trip!

The Suels said...

Hi Lauren, I have really enjoyed your blog. I started reading it a few months ago because my husband started listening to Matt's messages via itunes (I guess), gotta love technology! Anyway...we have really appreciated Matt's willingness to share what the Lord says and what He has done in your lives.
My brother in law is Tim Suel, he and Matt went to HSU together (we also are HSU alum). Okay, sorry this is such a long comment but I just wanted to connect. Tim recently put out a CD (he is a worship leader in College Station at Grace Bible). One of his songs is called Open Up Your Skies-it is on ITUNES, independent bands, and
The reason I bring up this song is because this song reminds me of Matt's preaching. We are broken, all of us, but we have hope-we know THE HEALER, the LOVER of our souls. Hope you will check tim out-I know you will be blessed.
Sorry to be so long, I was going to type out the lyrics! ;)
Thanks again for your heart to bring Him glory!
Jamie Suel