Tuesday, March 11, 2008

S to the N to the O.


A week ago, it snowed. Today it's 65 degrees. Ah, Texas :)

We played in the snow with the Losers. Audrey and the Loser boys (including Dad, Mark) loved the snow. Reid wasn't so much of a fan. He and Matt (who was recovering from the flu) had a blast huddled up in the warm car.

Audrey & Parker

Audrey, Mark, Smokey the Snowman, Parker & Cole

Getting ready to pounce on Smokey.

How to take down a snowman.

A road near our house - crazy, huh?


Matt and Reid: "I am outta here."

Mark giving Audrey a good push down the hill.

Audrey and Parker making snow angels.


Elizabeth Engelhardt Cakes and Crafts said...

Those are great pictures. Funny how Teagan didn't like the snow either!!! Boys. It was SO GOOD to see you guys last weekend. I really miss you, but know we are where we need to be. Perryn has made another pic for Audrey...should get it mailed today or tomorrow.
Love and hugs.

thosetonnes said...

Y'all got a ton of snow. And yes the weather in Texas is so weird. Hope you are doing well.

Lisa Allen said...

Wow those pics look like Minnesota or somewhere way far north of here...I was such a wierd week. Two snows and a 70 degree day,and today it supposed to be 90... no wonder everyone is sick! L~

Stacy said...

so awesome!!! you totally surprised me/inspired me yesterday!! i was at tarrahs and DID NOT know you WROTE Hallelughiah (sp??)did not believe her...no offense.. but I LOVE that song...that is my FAVORITE!!! anyway had to give you a shout for that!

That Stanford said...

that is such a cute picture of audrey and parker!!!

David Campbell said...

Tonight, after playing at the "end of the hall" as Emma calls it, Emma said she sure does love "that Audrey". You guys are the sweetest and truly a blessing.
Praying for you and your family and a stress free Easter Sunday.:)


The Schroyers said...

Christopher and I had so much fun on snow day. Although I don't really like snow, Christopher had a ball! Looks like your kids did, too.