Wednesday, July 30, 2008

22 days

22 things that have happened in the past 22 days...

1. We experienced our first Disney cruise.

2. Saw Captain Jack Sparrow in person...well, kinda. It was a dude that was eerily good at impersonating him.

3. Watched fireworks from the 10th deck of the Disney Wonder.

4. Felt snow fall in the middle of July.

5. Relaxed on a hammock with a tropical drink in hand while watching the tide come in.

6. Felt myself tearing up when Mickey and Minnie Mouse came out on stage during the finale.

7. Disembarked with a bittersweet heart.

8. 6-hour road trip with two kids.

9. Saw (and spoke to) Laurie from Trading Spaces at a Publix.

10. Read Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges.

11. Asked for forgiveness for and repented of the respectable sins I have tolerated in my life. Whew. Fun times.

12. Built a sandcastle.

13. Drove an electric car.

14. Played hand and foot.

15. Got in a bathing suit every day for almost two weeks straight.

16. Got a tan.

17. Rode a prissy pink bicycle with a basket. (I felt so was great!)

18. Did 150 push-ups. Not one of them was a girl push-up...can you believe it?? I'm still in shock.

19. Held a sweet, newborn girl named Eden.

20. Audrey lost her first tooth!!

21. And then her second one, today, while eating a popsicle!

22. My husband started a blog! Finally.


David said...

Hooray for a new post! And Hooray for Audrey for losing some teeth! Emma thinks she looks like a "6year old" because she has lost three teeth!
And good for Matt for finally joining all the bloggers. Now when he makes fun of us, I won't feel so bad! ;)

The Engelhardt 4 said...

Ok, a couple of things...SO JEALOUS about that Disney Cruise....we will be checking that puppy out!!

2nd, I am SO PROUD of you doing those 150 PUSH-UPS!! You totally ROCK and kick my butt, b/c I am so weak that they would ALL be girlie ones.

3rd, hooray that Matt started a blog. I can't wait to keep reading.

4th, hooray for Audrey losing some teeth...she's getting so big!! Can't wait to see some pictures soon.
Miss you!!

The Copeland Family said...

WOW! You have been a busy lady! Glad you had a great time! I will have to let Maria know about Matt's blog...I just got done showing her yours just the other day! Love ya!

Amanda said...

Girl you have been busy but it sounds fun! Congrats to Matt for becoming the newest blog nerd.

Jaime said...

On your husband's blog...the Pastors (my husband included) at our church mock me and my girlfriends endlessly for our blogging/blogstalking ways. I have emailed them all manner of convincing arguments on why they too should enter the blog-o-sphere, and yet, to no avail. Perhaps "Delve Deeper" will prompt them to give in and start blogging!!

Jaime said...

I meant DWELL DEEP! :)

Julie said...

I'm so glad to hear about your cruise! We were talking about it earlier this week - wondering if you guys had fun. Really, did you cry at Micky and Minnie?? :-)
Added Matt's blog to our bookmark bar. Cool.
We love your family so much!

Bark said...

oh no! Park is already bitter about tooth number 1,he will die when he finds out she is two ahead of him!

Summer said...

great list! and I can't believe you talked to Lauren from trading spaces!!

PJ King said...

It's great to see that Matt started a blog. Of course, isn't it his second attempt?

ToniKakes said...

You have been one busy girl! ...miss you....
and -- LOVE it that Matt is in the blog world!!!
Take care of you!
Christ in you...
Christ in me...

The Johnstons said...

what a wonderful 22 days! so glad you all had the chance to get away for some rest and relaxtion. looking forward to reading matt's thoughts! :)

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Is it just my imagination or have you been living the high life?? I feel like you have been partying it up this summer!

David said...

Happy (late) 9th Anniversary!!


The Mays Family said...

Sounds like y'all have had a busy fun few weeks. Congrats to Audrey on losing 2 teeth. she is getting so grown up.

schwalka said...

I have 2 things to say:
1. I love hand and foot!
2. 150 push ups (not girl ones) you're awesome!

My Profile said...

Glad you "guys" took some time off! I've always wondered if you two get enough. I see Matt alot and just wonder...time off is always great for re-energizing, especially when it's away from everything familiar. Looking forward to when I myself will have $ and vacation time line up just right!