Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I don't have much about which to post. Just thought I'd say hi.


After being on vacation for a while, I realized I like being home (sometimes) and on a schedule (sometimes). I like waking up in the morning and having a cup of coffee (or two). Does anyone else have coffee pretty much every morning? I like going to the gym and actually sweating because I worked hard. Making lunch. Reading books with the kids. Setting up an art project for Audrey to finish. Helping Audrey get her chores done (new thing at our house...we'll see how it goes!). Making dinner. Cleaning up after dinner (with the help of Audrey...she actually washed dishes with me!). Taking baths. Reading bedtime stories. Tucking in. Spending childless time with Matt.

Love it.

Okay. Bye for now.


Colored With Memories said...


I love doing lots of those things too...coffee...a must.

Art projects? Lily isn't old enough "to finish"...

Hey, I just noticed about 9 years w/Matt on your Twitter sidebar...our 9 year anniversaries might just be two weekends apart...we celebrated #9 7/17...fun!

Faith said...

love all of it! especially drinking coffee... i mean especially spending time with Evan and then Evanless time with Faith. Life is good. Trying not to let it pass me by without soaking it in as much as possible.
we love you guys and wish you could have seen the "real" Hawaii with us last week.

Ingram Gang said...

Hi to you too.
I agree, I like normalcy.
I'm sure you don't remember, but I met you some time ago. I don't even know where because I think our paths have crossed several times. I also went to college with your brother and am friends with several of your friends.
Anyways, I just ran across your blog and wanted to say hi.
And I'm Ashley.
And It's nice to meet you, again.

Bryan said...

Random question not pertaining to anything in this post, but does anyone know of a good pediatrician in the Dallas area? A family from our church is moving out there and will be checking out the Village, but don't really know where to start as far a finding a good pediatrician for their kiddos.

Amanda said...

sweating because you actually worked hard and not because it's a million degrees outside is always good (smile)

Yay for 9 years!!

The Taylor's said...

i want mundane!!! God is moving in my heart. Thanks for praying. Love you.

My Profile said...

Hi Lauren...GREAT blog!

I pretty much have coffee in the morning at the office (yeah, I work for Corp. America!), but have found it is more of a habit than a necessity! Thankfully, I found something else which wakes me up in the morning (think: liquid vitamins).