Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm a Sucker

Scene: Two good friends chatting over a chai tea latte and a pumpkin spice latte.

pumpkin spice latte-drinker (PSLD): I ran into this lady a few months ago at Potbelly's. She was so sweet. She said she sells beauty products and thought I would be a great model to add to her portfolio.

chai tea latte-drinker (CTLD): Really? And you bought that?

PSLD: Yeah! She gave me her card with her number on it and then asked me for my number. I figured I'd give it to her because I would forget to call her and schedule my modeling debut appointment.

CTLD: Hmm. Yeah...I used to sell beauty products. That's pretty much the spiel they tell you to give a prospective client.

PSLD: Well, I figured that. But I thought, what's the harm? I can just get a free makeover and soft hands! And..I've already decided I am NOT going to buy ANYTHING. We really don't have the room in our budget. I'll just have to tell her, 'sorry, my toiletry articles envelope is empty.'

CTLD: Good luck with that.

(a few hours later as the latte-drinkers pick up their toddlers from Mother's Day Out)

CTLD: Well, how'd it go?

PSLD: I'm such a sucker. I bought five products, scheduled a meeting to earn free lip gloss and another meeting to which I have to bring three friends so that I can get a dang bag with fancy brushes in it. The things I do for free beauty products. And, she's my best friend now. Wow. Co-dependent, anyone??

CTLD: Of course. You're still my friend though.

p.s. the beauty products woman was SUPER sweet and I enjoyed her very much...she's really good at what she does!


Amanda said...

hahaha... love it.

The Shaffers said...

I too am a sucker. Welcome to the club. The sucker Club.

Nat Pat said...

ha! let me guess who the chai drinker was...bark?

Faith said...

Run! Run far away from those people!

grow up girl said...

All I have to say is....I'm glad pumpkin spice latte's are back in season!

The Durham's said...

I love it! She's good and you're adorable;)

The Engelhardt 4 said...

How funny. Sounds like something that would 'happen' to me too.

For old time's sake: I can see a Thursday night mtg look like this:

"Hi I'm PSLD, I am codependent and let a make up lady suck me into her world, where I'm not sure if I can get out of it without hurting her feelings." {:o)

Group: 'thanks for sharing'

Lisa Allen said...

Oh the dang free brush deal, who could pass that up??

David said...

Free BRUSHES?!?!? Give me her name and number!;)
Hope things are well for you guys!

The Taylor's said...

Those kind of ladies scare me even when they are nice! They are like conversational wizards.

Tigpan said...

LOL not a sucker at all... :) You have just put the #1 product in the US on your face! :) yea!! Oh and the brushes...fantastic!

Julie Mendonsa said...

I was just talking with another friend today about how much I'm missing the Fall Starbucks drinks!! Is it possible to mail a pumpkin spice latte??
I should tell you the story of when I spent over a $100 on pepper spray - and we were medical-student poor back then. Talk about a sucker!! Bob still hasn't let me forget about it.

Anonymous said...

That's the precise reason I never go to those candle parties or make up parties..who can resist?

Anonymous said...

So, I just started my own travel business. Need a rental car? Or a golf package?? ;-) j/k

I actually have started a travel website but I'm so not a salesperson. But I'm thinking everyone travels, right? I don't know if Matt told you but Jon and I are moving to California after Thanksgiving. :( I'm going to miss everyone so much but we're excited about moving.

The Ice House said...

ugh! I'm needing new brushes so bad right now, but they're so expensive! But you're not alone I've been lured a time or two... I too was going to be a "model"

My Personal Thoughts said...

Maybe it's just my history of being in a sect, but, unless you actually KNOW the person, this day and age, DON'T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION!

"There's a customer born every minute." --P. T. Barnum

The Mays Family said...

Hi Lauren
I will be hosting Keri Campbell's baby shower on Saturday 15 November from 2 - 4. If this is something you still want to help with then just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren, I don't know you, I just saw your blog from a friends blog, and since we are members at The Village, I thought it would be interesting to read what you are blogging about.
Anyway nothing to do with this entry, but I just wanted to tell you that you have such a beautiful voice! I always enjoy when you are singing. It is nice when the music is good (it hardly ever isn't), because for me it is so much easier to worship! Plus Matt preached a good word! Our church is very blessed by you both! Thank you.

Liz said...

this is totally random but i laughed outloud when i read this...
kind of funny:)
"matt chandler" earrings

debra said...

this is great fun.

co-dependent HA.