Thursday, March 29, 2007

Miss Lily Pat's Birthday Bash

Wednesday night, Audrey, Reid and I attended the first birthday party of our sweet friend, Lily! She was decked out in a precious sun dress and sandals to match. Lily has learned well from her momma - she is an equally gracious hostess. She fluttered about like a little social butterfly and entertained us all.

Audrey enjoyed playing "big sister" to her. There's a thin line between big sister and smother sister. Audrey just has so much love to give. That's one of the things I love most about her!

Reid was oblivious to say the least. I think he was playing it cool so that he wouldn't let on to Lily's other future "boyfriends" that he was a wee bit intimidated by all 8 of them!! He was completely enamored by Lily's push toy. Crashing through the party and into walls, totally unaffected by the festivities around him.

Thanks, Josh, Natalie and Lily for a great night!

Miss Lily and her new puppy!

Audrey "hugging" Lily.

Reid crashing the party.

Reid getting in touch with his "domestic" side. I think Lily was impressed :)

Fun times!

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Nat Pat said...

It was fun! Thanks for taking the pics. It's a good thing, for my sake, that birthdays come only once a year. Whew!