Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update on Reid

On Monday evening, Matt noticed that Reid was feeling feverish so he gave him some Tylenol and laid him down for the night. Aside from a few whimpers during the night, he was fine. However, he woke up the next morning burning up. I gave him more Tylenol and called the doctor. They got us in around 9:30 that morning. Reid checked out just fine - no ear infection, clear lungs and a healthy-looking throat. Just a little fever. Diagnosis: virus. Treatment: Tylenol or Motrin to keep the fever in check.

I brought Reid home, gave him a snack and laid him down for his morning nap. About 30 to 45 minutes later, Matt surprised us at home. Not 2 minutes after Matt came in, we heard a strange sound coming from Reid's room. We knew it was Reid but we also knew something was horribly wrong. I found him in his crib in the midst of a seizure.

I felt helpless. I yelled for Matt to help. It was the most awful feeling either of us has ever experienced. I found Matt's phone and dialed 911 while Matt gently cradled Reid while he continued to seize. One of the incredible advantages of living where we live is that the fire station is literally a mile from our house. I stepped outside our house with the dispatcher on the phone and could hear the sirens all ready. The EMTs were there almost immediately. Once they came into the house, Reid had stopped seizing. His seizure probably lasted less than 4 minutes but it felt like forever.

Poor Reid had no idea what was going on. The doctor told us later that children experiencing a seizure have no memory of it. So here's Reid laying on the floor of our living room with 3 burly men in uniform and green gloves standing over him. The EMTs were amazing. They were truly blessings from the Lord! They told us that Reid had more than likely suffered a febrile seizure due to the sudden onset of fever or spike in his temperature. We had the option to just stay at home and keep a close eye on him or have them take us to a hospital. Considering the terrifying moments we had just endured, we asked to be taken to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital via ambulance. Reid was shaken but mostly irritable because he was tired, hungry and thirsty. They examined him in triage and concluded that he had most likely suffered a febrile seizure. Just to make sure, they directed us to the urgent care physician. After running a flu test (which was not fun for Reid - they squirted saline up his nose and sucked the snot out with a little tube - all the while, wearing medical masks - might as well have been Halloween masks to a 16-month-old!). The flu test came back negative.

The physician said that the only way to treat a febrile seizure is to prevent one. This means that as soon as I feel a fever coming on Reid, I immediately start giving him Tylenol and Motrin - alternating between the two every 3 hours. This will keep the fever from spiking unexpectedly and throwing him into a seizure. The disorder should clear up by age 5. Only 3 - 5 % of children will ever experience a febrile seizure - so Moms, don't worry - it's not likely for this to happen to your child! One-third of the children who experience one will experience another and a quarter of those will experience a third. Hopefully, this will be the ONLY time we experience this EVER again!!

What has caused tears to well up in my eyes and my heart to be full to over-flowing, has been the amazing support of our church family and friends. As soon as the staff at church found out about Reid, they gathered in the conference room and interceded for him until they found out he was all right. My phone was constantly buzzing with text messages from friends offering help and prayer. Our family is amazingly blessed.

I thought it more than ironic that my previous post was about God wringing the worship from our hearts. I remember thinking while I was riding in the ambulance holding Reid, "Lord, I know You choose how to wring worship from my heart. As much as I love little Reid, You love Him infinitely more. You also love me more than I can imagine. You know what's best for each member of our family. Help me to treasure You even more than my children!" That was probably the toughest prayer I have ever prayed.

Just this weekend we sang a song proclaiming Jesus as better than anything. ANYTHING. That day, I was having to choose to believe that - and crying out to Jesus to HELP me believe that! As soon as I loosened my grip on Reid (in the spiritual sense), an overwhelming peace fell over me. Though my heart still broke to think of what might be, God assured me that He is enough for me, for Matt, for Reid and for Audrey.

Reid is mostly back to normal. He is a little cranky - probably due to the virus. Right now I can hear him and Audrey playing (and whining a bit) upstairs - it is one of the most beautiful sounds ever. Thank you to all who prayed for us - we will never know the fullness of what those prayers accomplished this side of heaven. May the Lord be praised.


Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I called Mirm immediately when I found out...oddly enough, she answered at 1 in the afternoon, and we interceeded for Reid in prayer! I then started researching and found out exactly what you wrote about febrile seizures. I felt better, althouh I hopefully will never understand the feeling of that!! So, your family is loved and I didn't stop thinking and praying the rest of the day! I love you.

Richardsons of HV said...

Oh, I had NO IDEA!! I'm praying for your sweet family!!!

olivia and henry said...

wow, how scary!! i am praying for you guys. angie

Nat Pat said...

Praise God that little Reid is OK. What a scary situation. We're praying for you guys. Love you!

Andrea "The H family" said...

Hey Chandlers...just read this and I had no idea this happened. Lauren, what you prayed took me months to pray and yes..peace does fall. (hard prayer to pray - more than anything)
Just a note: The PICU dr. at children's said that alternating between tylenol every 3 and motrin every 6hours will not in any way hurt them - and you can do it until college. (no kidding) Just in case you ever feel hesitant to do this for like 3 full days. (like i did one time)
WE WILL PRAY FOR REID---Please know this. much love--the Hughes

Andrea "The H family" said...

ohh, one more thing--I just wanted to affirm you--the BODY of CHRIST IS AMAZING.

debra parker said...

I will be praying for your sweet boy. I hope that he feels better soon. Isn't it amazing how God worked things out with your husband being home when it happened??? Our God is so good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! I'm a member of The Village, and Matt just mentioned in church this morning that you blogged. I caught him and he gave me your blog address. :)

Perhaps we can get to know each better through our blogs. Please stop by when you get a chance. You probably don't know exactly who we are, so click on this post to see a few pictures.

I visit a number of reformed blogs and get into some discussions with folks on occasion; I really use my blog (and others) as a study tool and as one means by which I 'work out my salvation."

Anyway, hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, just noticied that when you click on my name, it takes you to the profile page for you to choose one of four blogs. Sheesh! I need to get a life...

My personal blog is 'Journey of the Heart.' I'm a contibuter on Bluecollar, with 3 other people who embrace reformed theology. Then 'Forty Days to Forever' is a prayer blog for Lent. And Christian Chapter Chat is a sort of book club blog. We've only read one book, so that's not a very active blog.

So that's it in a nutshell. )