Thursday, January 3, 2008

Venture 2

Our church has this thing we do every once in a while...pretty much whenever we feel the Lord moving us that way. We think we know how it will go...what will be said...what we will ask of the Lord. Then God steps in and says, "Here's why I've gathered over 500 people in your building for an hour and a half." That sort of happened last night.

Last night, we praised and worshiped the Lord in His Greatness through song and through intercession. Particularly, we interceded for three families in our midst who are experiencing the Greatness of God through the trial of pain and suffering. That almost sounds like a paradox...surely a juxtaposition within the sentence. I can't begin to imagine the ache of their experiences but I can feel the heartache of laboring with them in prayer. And how it is labor.

If you're up to it, I would appreciate your prayers for the following families:

The Ledbetters (whom I have posted about before)
The Steinbachs
Del & Gerry Steele (Del is an elder and a "father" of our church; he is battling an aggressive cancer.)

Thank you.


Bezner said...

L, we have a family in our church whose son (now five years old) survived neuroblastoma and is now in full remission—praise God. God used that instance in a variety of ways to bring his father to Christ, and that was an amazing thing to witness.

If any of those families in your church need encouragement, relate that story. And I know that they would love to visit with them if they would be interested.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I had to work late last night so Peter and I had our own 1 hour venture. I forgot to put those families on the list. I can't read their sites at work due to the excessive amount of tears. I just can't handle it. Thanks for putting them up here.
Love you.

David Campbell said...

My heart truly just aches for all of these families. We will continue praying...