Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Note: blogger is struggling to upload my pictures...so I'll try again later...here's what I have for now!

Today was the big day. Audrey is officially in Kindergarten. She did so well! Reid and I walked with her to her classroom. Because we're usually right on time (not a second too early nor a second too late...a compromise resulting from marriage...a refining process for me), she was the next to the last child in her seat. The few seats left were near the front. Aha! Being right on time proved to be fortuitous. Audrey needs to sit up front. Much like her father, she is easily distracted. Kisses were received and given. We said good-bye and I walked away watching Audrey open her supply box and take out her pencils.

*sniff* *sniff*

After surviving an enormous carpool line, I received Audrey into our car. She was ecstatic. Her first words were...

A: "Okay. My NOT favorite part of school was when the ants got me."

(She always knows my first question is: what was your favorite part?)

Later, after more coaxing and questions, she told me this after talking about a movie they watched about animals because recess was cancelled due to rain (got that?):

A: "They had polar bears there. One was named Icey."

me: "Really? That's a great name for a polar bear because they live where it's cold and icey. Was the polar bear on the video?"

A: "No. They had it in this cage. They asked the kids, 'is there anyone here who has never been to this school before who would like to name the polar bear?' and I raised my hand and said 'me, me!' and they said, 'okay,' and I told them to name the polar bear Icey."

me: "That's awesome."

Then, I thought to myself. Audrey has been telling a bunch of creative stories. For example, she showed a friend of ours a picture that I had drawn of Sponge Bob and his friends. She told this friend that she drew them. When asked if she really did, she said, "yes, at art class." 1. Audrey never drew the pictures. 2. Audrey does not go to art class. I thought about how to correct this and haven't concluded anything yet. Her dad made up stories all the time when he was young and now look how his historic storytelling has reflected the glory of God. Hmm.

me (continued after a very long pause and with earnest): "Audrey, did that really happen?"

A: "No!" (giggling) "I was just kidding! Can I have a friend come over and play?" (see previous post)

Oh my.

Matt's initial reaction to his baby girl going to school.

Silly Daddy.


Amanda said...

Awwww! Such a big day! I'm glad it went well.

debra said...

how sweet. i am loving watching these first day photos go up around blog world.

creativity is so fun.

The Copeland Family said...

What a special time! I'll be calling you when Faith goes to the Big "K," sounds like you did so well! Good job, mom!

The Engelhardt 4 said...

She looks so big! I'm glad she had a great first day! Can't wait to hear about more!!

Bex said...

AWWW!!! i love this post!!!

The Johnstons said...

oh my goodness, i can't decide who audrey looks more like in that first picture...she looks just like both of you!! i think i actually see your mom in her with that dark hair. moving along, what a creative girl you have...and the pictures of her and matt are too cute!!

David said...

I love that girl, stories and all! She looks so super grown up...I will be there Sept. 3rd with Emma. Probably crying my eyes out:)

Have a great day and tell Audrey not to forget to feed Icey:)


The Mays Family said...

Sounds like she had a great first day. Rebecca would always tell stories and say only kidding when she was younger, I think most of them go through a phase like that. Although it was hard for us to teach her the difference between "kidding" and "lying". but now she know (most of the time).
It was Rebecca's first day of forth grade yesterday and she had a great time. I guess today will be your first day f home school, I will pray that things go smoothly, let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help.

The Grahams said...

Are you feeling better? Im trying to recover from somthing as well!!Have you had neck and head pain along with the sick stomach?? I dont like going to the doctor but I wanted to go to to emergency room with this bug! Looks like you were able to enjoy Audreys first days. What a blessing!!!

Kentsten said...

Lauren!!! Audrey is so pretty...such a little lady. I know the Kinder moms at the schools that I have worked at always have a little difficulty at first, but end up loving to see their kids light up at all their new experiences and friends. Have fun!

Faith said...

Wow, can Matt and Audrey look more alike in those last two pics?? I really CAN NOT believe she is in kindergarten.

Regina said...

I can't believe how big she and Katelyn are! I still remember them playing when they were so little. So cool to see them growing.

The Barnyards said...

She is adorable!!

TJ Wilson said...

What a day. Glad you posted the photos, darling. I hope to hear Matt next week at the Tarrant Net luncheon in FW... any chance you'll be there?

Anonymous said...

Lauren - They grow up so fast! Audrey is such a little lady! Her "stories" remind me of the Olivia books. Are you familiar with "Olivia Saves the Circus"? I have them if you want to read them with Audrey. Know that you and your family are in our prayers - we love being part of the Village family. Michelle Heyns

The Durham's said...

Ok, Monty and I were laughing so hard at the picture of Matt and Audrey...I'm not sure how yall ever have a serious moment at your house:):) I can't believe she is that big already! She is just as beautiful as her mama! We love you guys!

Dawntoya and Adam said...

I love everything about this:)

Fun With Five said...

Very cute pics! First day of K is always filled with bittersweet emotions! :)