Sunday, February 1, 2009

Finally Home...Momentarily

Last night was our first night back in our house. While I love the updates we've made, I am overwhelmed with the task at hand: putting everything back together! I will say that I'm glad for it. Overwhelmed, but glad. It has forced us into a head-start on spring cleaning. Lots of tossing trinkets in the trash. It feels so nice to simplify.

My incredibly gifted dad has built Reid his Big Boy Bed. Reid has been talking about it nonstop. We're moving it in today. I will have to post a picture of it just to brag about my dad!

All of these changes and updates have only birthed a greater desire in me to make more changes and more updates. What is up with that? I want everything to look how it should look right now. It is so hard to wait! I can't help but think how this mirrors my walk with the Lord. I want to see changes now. Sometimes, He's gracious in bringing almost instant change. Other times, He's gracious in bringing slow, progressive change. He particularly likes the "slow, progressive" path with me. A little growth here, a little change there. I endure the waiting so that "Jesus Christ might display his perfect patience as an example to those who were to believe in him for eternal life (1 Timothy 1:16)."

Thank you for your patience, Lord.

Tomorrow Matt and I leave for Minneapolis. Please pray for Matt. He will be speaking to the pastors at Desiring God's Pastors Conference. Also pray that our Texan bodies can adjust to the frigid clime of Minneapolis. The high is 11 tomorrow! I can't fathom that...much less the low of -3! Seriously, the coldest I've ever been was skiing on a mountaintop in Colorado where the temperature was a balmy 20!

I will hopefully return with digital photography to download. Until then, enjoy your week!

p.s. Matt will be blogging daily (or almost daily) from the conference. You can catch it here.


Kristyn said...

Will be praying for y'all! Although I wish I was joining the group going, I won't miss the weather there! wow.
I do love your analogy of the house changes with our walk with the Lord...I get it. We seem to live in a state of constant improving over here...which is great but hard too!

Caleb Carruth said...

Have a wonderful trip! I LOVE the cold and am a bit jealous of your trip into the arctic. I know that you guys will have a blast. I await your loopt status;)

Liz said...

Okay, Lauren. You are nesting, that's what's up! LOL

Enjoyed Flat Matt over the weekend, but way enjoyed his message from the conference!
I hope you stayed warm.