Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Past Few Weeks in Pictures

Audrey turned six!!

Daddy & the birthday girl.

Audrey helping Kit pick out something from the American Girl Bistro.

Searching for the perfect American Girl doll (pictures are out of order...too tired to change them!)

Already shopping for our third--Norah.

The illustrated boy. See the tattoos on his chest and belly??


Steve Bezner said...

My boys LOVE tattoos.

As does Reid.

This spells trouble I think.

Then again, maybe they're the next generation of hard-core pastors.

As we speak Ben has a tiger between his shoulder blades.

The Johnstons said...

What a fun birthday for Audrey!! And in glancing at your twitter updates...Jonathan is a daddy?!? I had no idea! Congratulations to him and his wife...can't wait to see pictures of the little one!

Aina Carruth said...

Love all the pics...especially the first with Audrey & the cake. Priceless. Love Norah's name and new clothes, and Ried, always a fan of the tats. Feel like I was there with all the loopt updates:)

Lauren said...

Audrey is so precious!! I LOVED my American Girl dolls. I had Samantha, Kirsten, Molly, and Addie. They provided such wonderful memories.

The Mendonsas said...

LOVE the American Girl store!! Looks like it was a fun birthday celebrating Audrey. You two are wonderful parents, imparting meaningful love to your children on many levels. Bob and I have both been blessed reading the letters to Audrey and thoughts you have each had in raising her that have been shared on your blogs. May God give us all the wisdom we so desperately need in raising our children and may He give our children grace to forgive us when we err.
Hope you are feeling well! Much love - Julie

Nick R. said...

American Girl Bistro huh? Never heard of it. That being said, Katie and I are welcoming our first child - a daughter - in May... something tells me I'll get to know the place all too well. :-)

Looks like Audrey had a great time.

I'm digging the tats on Reid.

The Engelhardt 4 said...

Too cute!! I love the name Norah. Audrey is beautiful!! I can't believe she's losing teeth!! We have NOT made it to that point yet.

Thanks for Perryn's sweet birthday wishes. We miss you guys, but we are doing GREAT. Hope to be back for a visit soon!! Hugs.

Christian Menowar said...

Tow of my triplets looove tats too...One of my girls kept a tattoo on her forearm for a month and would not allow us to wash it off... I'll think twice before throwing another "tattoo party". Speaking of party...chec out what the triplets did a few days ago. You guys will get a kick out of it.