Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 4

If only I could repeat the beginning of Day 4 for every day of my life...

we had in-room massages. Aaaaahhhhh....

For lunch, we trekked back down to Pike Place and snacked on mac-n-cheese from Beecher's Handmade Cheese. So good. Did you know that those big cylinders of cheese are called truckles? Who knew?

So...did any of you take a guess at the little bit of trivia I offered up two posts ago? (What celebrity dined at The Athenian Inn while making a film?) It's not like the hint was super-obvious. ha. Yep...Mr. Tom Hanks. We got a picture of Matt and Michael sitting where Tom and Rob Reiner sat. Fun times.

Of course, we also stopped by the "original" Starbucks. Have y'all tried "fresh press" coffee? Try it if you haven't. Delicious.

Matt decided to stay in the hotel room to work on his talk for Resurgence...which was, by the way, amazing. I'm so proud of him. If you get the chance, listen to the mp3 of the Q & A (in addition to Matt's sessions, of course!). Piper was in rare form. Matt was simply giddy.

A picture of the Q & A...thanks to Scott Thomas of A29. Yes, Mark and Matt are giving each other dap.

I entitled this picture "All we need is Luke now." Get it??

The rest of the crew (minus prego Natalie who needed some much needed rest) rode the monorail to the Space Needle. Revelation #1: monorails have drivers...I thought they just ran on computers. Revelation #2: monorail drivers have poor senses of humor. Case in point: Josh tried the ol' "I bet this thing corners on rails" joke...went over like a lead balloon.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The Space Needle was spectacular. Although, I got motion-sickness! I guess there's subtle movement being up that high. I felt dizzy and a million pounds. So weird.

I know I keep promising this but...I should be getting a cd from Michael with our pictures. Soon, my friends.


Ashie Nichole said...

Lauren! Can I just say that you are hilarious on all these posts about seattle!! ha... i like the comment about what you entitled the photo of matt, john piper and mark driscol! ha ha!! Hope you have a good night, see ya next Thursday I am sure!!!! :)


Sarah said...

Hello Lauren!
I love your blog! I've been attending the Village for the last month or so...moved here 6 months ago from the east coast... in 2 weeks, i am going to china in for a little while, but am coming back! Have been listening to Matt's podcasts every week since I moved here...Loved the pic of Matt & John P!-wow!! I think it's so great that Matt is speaking at Redeemer Pres. in NYC--my old church home! :) I'm on blogspot as excited to begin blogging my adventures as well..who knew this could be so fun? (I know, I'm late to the 'blogging' game...just wanted to say 'hello' and 'blessings' to you and yours!

Jaime said...

Hi Lauren!

My husband is the Discipleship Pastor at Portico Church (a29) in Charlottesville, Va. I just wanted to make my presence known on your fabulous blog, and not just read and never comment like a blog-stalker. I think I may have found your blog from the LPM blog. Anyways, I loved hearing your very well written run-down from the trip to Seattle. So funny. My husband and I got to tune in for some of the live video feed and soaked it all in. :) Jaime

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Um...Most of Josh's jokes turn out in the same manner:) SO FUN! I realy want to go to Seattle now.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Oh I love Seattle! I've been excited to see your pictures! They threw the fish pillow at me in the market too. Funny guys.