Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Saga Continues

Day 3

The Biking Experience. As I mentioned before, we had incredible, atypical Seattle weather...arid with cloudless skies. The climate set the stage for an enjoyable bike ride near the University of Washington campus. There were only two accidents. It was a pretty good percentage for 8 of us, except that both accidents happened to one person (who will remain nameless). Let me just say it wasn't me.

Since there were so many of us, we were somewhat of a force on the bike trail. We decided to give our bike gang a name: Cobra Chi. Our hand sign was holding two fingers curved like fangs while we made a hissing sound. Truly intimidating.

At the end of our bike ride, I tried to craftily edge my bike through the other bicycles propped up in front of the shop. I misjudged the distance between my bike and the handlebars of another; the knuckle on my right ring finger paid the price. Ouch. While we waited for our bikes to be inventoried, we took some pictures of us making our Cobra Chi hand signs and other goofy shots. As we're all standing around talking, Michael/Josh/one of the guys with us pointed at me and said, "You're bleeding!"

To give you a full picture of what was going on in my head, Aunt Flo had just showed up earlier that day.

So when I heard the words "You're bleeding!", I froze. Surely my nightmare had not come true.

Thankfully, it was just my knuckle profusely bleeding from where I had scraped it on the other bike's handlebars. Whew. That was close.

That night we ate at the Flying Fish. Delectable. The Raspberry Cosmo wasn't that bad either. Heather, my sister-in-law, described it perfectly: it tasted like a melted Starburst.

That's all I can muscle in for tonight. I'm going to lounge with my hubby. I'm so glad he's finally home. G'night.


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I'm sitting here with the flu and it hurts so bad to laugh, but I'm laughing as hard as I physically can. That is something that would SOOOO happen to me...

Enjoy your time together!!


John and Natalee Warren said...

I'm glad my hubby is home too!! But I am so jealous reading about all your delish eats and fun times in Seattle! I told John that he can't talk about the Salmon anymore! Glad yall had fun and great weather!

Bex said...

this is hilarious!

Summer said...

Rasberry Cosmo?! You're speaking my love language.

lauren b said...

oh my gosh!
hahaha. that was so funny. truly, every girls worst nightmare!

The Johnstons said...

never been so thankful for a bleeding knuckle...haha! :)

Dawntoya and Adam said...

Oh my goodness Lauren...out of control.