Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's Good to Be August


Three amazing albums by three ridiculously talented bands make themselves available to the masses this month. (Warning: this post is plagued with amazings, movings, beautifuls and loves.)

First off, the recently released Glorious Day by Jeff Johnson

You may have heard one of his first singles, Glorious Day, on KLTY or XM radio. The song is a beautiful, moving arrangement of the hymn, One Day. Our church's very own Michael Bleecker is credited as the melodic mastermind.

Part of the album was produced at Space Way Studios (Shane & Shane, Will Hunt) in Dallas. Shane Barnard makes an appearance on Jeff's arrangement of The Old Rugged Cross. And, of course, it does not disappoint!

Jeff's country music roots reveal themselves in the song previously covered by Rascal Flatts, I'm Movin' On. The entire album oozes with favorites but strangely enough, this is one of mine. Maybe it's because Jeff seems to have a voice that was made for this genre...though, he can sing whatever style he wants very well!

Go to his website or iTunes and buy it. Now.

Next, Robbie Seay Band (affectionately called RSB) releases their second album with Sparrow Records called Give Yourself Away on August 28th.

Matt and I have been moved by RSB's musical artistry for close to a decade. Out of all the previous albums, this one is shaping up to be our favorite. Tracks to look out for are: New Day, Shine Your Light On Us, Beautiful Scandalous Night, Stay, and Go Outside.

If you love Coldplay, U2, or Explosions in the Sky...if you love soaring melodies, powerful guitars and grace-covered angst...if you love hope, coffee and melody...heck, if you love good music, you'll love this album.

If you're in the DFW area, there is a concert at our church on Wednesday, September 5th. We'd love to see you.

Okay, now go cash in your loose change at Coinstar and buy this album too!

Personal note: Robbie's talented and beautiful wife, Liz is a blogger. Check it out!

Last, but certainly not least, Shane and Shane release Pages on August 28th.

Get ready to be moved. An album filled with hope that does not discount our human struggle and filled with longing for God's transforming grace, it is perfect for the imperfect soul. The potentially controversial Embracing Accusation could have been torn from the pages (no pun intended) of my journal. A taste of the lyrics:

"The devil is preaching the song of the redeemed/That I am cursed and gone astray/I cannot gain salvation/Oh the devil's singing over me an age old song/That I am cursed and gone astray/Singing the first verse so conveniently over me/He's forgotten the refrain/JESUS SAVES!"

Other stand-outs: Vision of You, We Love You Jesus, Over the Sun (which was inspired by my husband's series on Ecclesiastes, Beyond the Sun), Holiday and Burn Us Up (go Shane E with that Motown flavor...just call him Stevie).

Another amazing album. Hope your cd budget is bulging. Buy it.


Liz said...

wow, lauren..i was just teasing you before! you are really good at this music review stuff too.
how'd you get so smart?
i think my reviews would be something like "buy it cause i like it and it sounds pretty."

you go could write for magazines!

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

Thanks for the referrals! I'll check them out!

Lindsay said...

Hey Lauren! I saw your blog on Liz's introduction to all her blogger friends and realized we know each other...kinda! At least we should, since now we have more than one mutual friend! It was fun to run into you in blogger land and I'll be sure to come back often to read what's going on in your life! My friend Amy (she nannied for CN for awhile) is going to your church and LOVES it!

GloryandGrace said...

Ah, we sang "Beautiful Scandalous Night" not too long ago at my church here!

I don't know if you've ever seen my blog before or not, but I've lately been posting engagement updates. Bob and I are having the wedding down in Texas, at my home church, actually and would LOVE for you and Matt to be there. It's January 5, 2008 and you'll be getting an invitation!

Richardsons of HV said...

thanks! I'm ready for some new tunes!

Amanda said...

yay! Thank you for supporting those bands! Wes used to play with Robbie Seay and now plays with Jeff Johnson :)

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I'm glad I got to hang out with you for a bit on Friday night..........

Bex said...

my cd budget is definitely not bulging, but i'll probably get some of those anyway! i'll steal from another envelope...i know, i know, that's the #1 budget violation!!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks for the cd reviews. Im especially excited about the Shanes. Ive been a long time fan of theirs. Very nice of you to stop by my blog. I dont have a huge blogging community yet, but still enjoying it. Maybe Ill see you at CR tonight.

Isaac, Kim & Landen said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I checked out RSB's 2 free downloads ( and have truly enjoyed them. Also...a friend of mine, Andi, recently informed me that David Crowder*Band is coming out with a new cd at the end of September. On another note, I just read your "Wrinkles" blog ... hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Emmers said...

Thank you so much for the recommendations! I will most definitely check these out. I've been craving some truly great worship music of late.

TJ Wilson said...

Lauren - Would love to add you to my blogroll... what a great writer you are, I so enjoy your insights & humor. Wish I were as clever. Came across your blog through some friends who attend the Village, Jeremy & Dana Weart. They went on and on about their church, and I recognized Matt's name from years ago at Kanakuk. Is my brain working correctly? Anyway, keep writing and updating, great stuff.

The Durham's said...

Hey friend:) I was VERY serious about seeing you soon:):):) Anyway, just wanted to say are precious! Let me know what's going on:)

With Joy-

olivia and henry said...

all three CDs sound GREAT! i will definitely get each one ;) how are you guys? let's plan a playdate soon!! with barkley and crew as well!