Monday, August 6, 2007

Possible Blog Hiatus AND Book Recommendation

Well...I'm finally breaking down and taking my computer to the Mac store. This potentially means I will have very, very limited internet access. I know all of you are going to be SO disappointed that I won't be posting random facts, pictures and personal reflections every few days. (Please read intense sarcasm into that last sentence.)

Pray for sweet albino Apple. May she recover quickly.'ll notice I've switched things up in the "Books I'm Reading" and "Books I've Read Recently" column. I highly recommend "Same Kind of Different as Me" but with a box full of Kleenex! I bought it Friday and finished it Sunday. Amazing. I am currently reading "Get Out of That Pit" and love it.

Lauren for Them Chandlers


Richardsons of HV said...

Great recommendations! I've been wanting to read "Get Out of that Pit". I'm afraid I might be in one once school starts...both boys are going to be in hoo!
See you back in blog land when you return! Oh...and I'm working on my 8 things...

Kristen said...

Same Kind of Different as me is one of my favorite books I have read recently. I cried A LOT!!! If you like memoirs like that I have a lot of recommendations. Love to hear your thoughts on Get out of that Pit (I am reading it too). Hope all is well!