Sunday, September 9, 2007

Update on Matt and Our Weekend in Pictures!

Thank you to all who have been praying for Matt! He started feeling better 24 hours ago. He's not completely healthy but he was able to get outside for the first time he's been there (about 6 days in). Please continue to pray for his full restoration! Thank you!

The kids and I had a full weekend. It started Friday night at FM 360...a gathering of children 4 years to 5th grade and their parents full of worship and fun. We sang, we danced, we did exaggerated movements to every word of every song, we saw a skit about superheroes on the search for someone with a hero's heart (not necessarily a hero's exterior) and we discussed God's appointing Samuel to anoint King David (a little boy with a hero's heart).

Then, Audrey, my mom and I headed to my hometown to see great-grandparents and to celebrate my friend from high school's impending birth.

As I promised, the weekend in pictures...

Who's the beautiful singer in the fourth picture???


Lindsay said...

looks like y'all had a good weekend!

By the way, I like your new blog look!

Richardsons of HV said...

So glad Matt is feeling better!! We've been praying!!!
And thanks for the picture of me...I hope I didn't completely embarrass all who know me...I had a blast, though!!! Glad y'all did, too!!

David Campbell said...

I like your new blog look too! FM 360 was fun. Can you imagine these girls in their teens?!? So glad to hear that Matt is getting better. Our homegroup prayed for him tonight, and we will again tomorrow at our own little Venture:)

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Thanks for stopping by honey. Actually went to church today for the 1st time in a long time. I blog stalk you..just never comment. :) (big smile)
We've been praying for Matt heavy. So relieved to hear he's feeling better. Hugs--The Hughes
P.S. The kids look adorable on their 1st day of school. Loved Audrey's outfit. So cute.