Saturday, September 1, 2007

Two Splendid Nights!

First Night...

With one of our favorite couples ever...The Bleeckers. Yay for Cafe Italia!

Michael & Faith

Matt & me

Second Night:

Dinner with my parents and our friend Dustin (who is on staff at The Village...does a fantastic job with media) at Rudy's in Denton.

Reid's loving the turkey and cream corn!

Audrey's not really my "eater"...she's just happy to be there!

Matt & Dustin

Audrey & me

A stop by the Hughes' new home. SO CUTE! For more on this sweet family click here

Then...on to downtown Denton to one of our favorite ice cream shops...Beth Marie's!

Cupcake ice good!

Notice the ice cream dripping from my lips...that was residue of the big, ice-creamy kiss Reid had just given me!

Like I said, Two Splendid Nights!


Liz said...

what great pictures!
i love seeing what your cute little family is up to...and we love us some RUDY'S!
i don't think the kids and i will get to come next week to the concert.
ethan has school and the band leaves afterwards from Dallas to tour some i'd have to drive 5 hours home by myself with 3 kids.
not fun.
i'm so sorry...i so wish we could come and see you guys and let the kids play too!
maybe soon...

David Campbell said...

Your comment made me laugh! Emma does that to me ALL the time. Actually, Emma AND Jacob want to see the pictures of Audrey and Reid. Emma tells people that she loves blogs:) Fun.
We can't wait to have you guys over!!

Amanda said...

haha..those pictures are so precious! I especially love that Reid is dripping with food-goodness in almost all of them! :)

Uyen said...

I love your pictures. I was in Longview this weekend and stumbled upon my yearbook from 1998. There we were in all our 17 year old glory. You've always been beautiful, but I have to say you look even better as you've gotten older. Not many people can say that! Your eyes hold great wisdom and your smile holds great warmth and love.

olivia and henry said...

how much fun!!! love all of these pictures. what a precious family!!!!! ;)