Thursday, March 12, 2009

Be No Longer Conformed like the Chameleon but Be Transformed Like the Butterfly

Last week I had the privilege, once again, to lead worship with Donna Stuart and Kelly Needham at the All Women's Breakaway at Texas A&M University. Pure beauty, I must say. The ladies at TAMU can sing their hearts out! Unfortunately, I don't have any great pictures to leave with you but I do have this: Kelly Matte (whose husband, Gregg, was the former leader/teacher at Breakaway and is currently the pastor of FBC, Houston) shared a challenging word that has cemented itself on my heart. As the title of this post hints, she camped out in Romans 12:1 - 2, wonderfully articulating the difference between being conformed like a chameleon to the pattern of this world and the process of being transformed like a butterfly.

If you have a chance, hop over to iTunes and listen to Breakaway Ministries' podcast from March 3. It will not disappoint!