Saturday, August 7, 2010

Norah's First Birthday

On May 29, 2010, Norah turned one! Hopefully, since her first year is behind us, I will be making more contributions to this blog. Thank you to all who've continued to read and comment despite my meager entries!

I wanted to share some snapshots from Norah's party. It was a garden theme thus we celebrated in my parents' garden. Three-digit temperatures had yet to smother I am dreaming of those days!

My parents and Matt's parents, sisters and their families joined us for a sweet little celebration. Our roommate Stephanie made the cupcakes and smash cake. She is incredibly talented and enjoys baking (hint, hint...shameless plug).

Norah's name means "light/torch" or "honor." She has been a huge
bright spot in the past year. Her smile lights up our world and we are honored to s
hepherd her little heart to trust in the Savior Shepherd who loves her even more than we do.

Norah, you are a joy to love!