Monday, August 13, 2012

Kenya - Day 2

Day 2 in Kenya started with one especially sweet surprise. We loaded into Naomi's Village's vehicle in order to make our way to Kijabe on perhaps one of the roughest roads (if you can call it that) I've ever experienced. But before we reached our final destination, we made a unexpected (for our team) stop to pick up a few extra passengers--Eunice and Joe!

If you'll remember, we had met Eunice and her son, Joe, at the IDP camp on our first day there. Joe had some painful sores on his face. He was sent home from school because of them. His mother, Eunice, was unable to gather enough money to seek medical attention for him. Isaac (the church planter) made special arrangements to get Joe the care he desperately needed but couldn't afford. We were happy to squeeze in almost lap-on-lap so that they could join us on our visit to a hospital in Kijabe. When we dropped them off 45 bumpy minutes later, Eunice's face beamed with appreciation (and Joe's with a bit of anxiety!). My heart was full knowing we could help their family even a little bit.

Our first stop in Kijabe was to see one of Isaac and Esther's many dreams literally being built brick by brick. On a hillside overlooking a lush valley, they are mostly finished constructing a guest house that will also serve as a conference center. Three stories of meeting space and guest rooms will accomodate everything from conferences for Kenyans, local pastors, church planters, and long-term missionaries to short-term mission teams needing a place to rest their heads for a night.

Esther invited us into their home after our tour of the guest house. She served us homemade mandazi--a tasty Kenyan treat somewhat like a beignet without the powdered sugar--and chai. Isaac filled us in on all that the Lord has laid on their hearts to do in Kijabe and Maai Maihiu.
They played the following video. Watch it and may your heart be drawn to pray for what the Lord is doing through Rift Valley Fellowship.

I was so moved by their hearts for the people around them. They love well!  I cannot wait to see what the Lord will do.

Riding the wave of the Karanjas' passionate vision, we got to see for ourselves the very place that started this whole journey. The AIC/CURE hospital team in Kijabe is who invited Bob Mendonsa and his family to serve in Kenya years ago. The Mendonsas were the primary reason our team traveled to Kenya. I was grateful to be able to lay hands and eyes on such a special place. While there we caught a glimpse of Eunice and Joe after his treatment. They were both smiles this time! Thank you to those who helped fund this trip--YOU provided for Eunice and Joe!