Sunday, May 24, 2009

Norah Update

Thursday night we had a false alarm. I'd been contracting most of the day. Once we went to bed, the contractions felt "crampier." I remember with Audrey that I had wanted to "experience" some of the more intense contractions before the epidural. Man, they got intense quickly! I was afraid I would get past the point of no return with this one so I nudged Matt around 10:30. My parents traded off Audrey & Reid duty and we headed to the hospital. 

They hooked me up to all the wires and L&D paraphernalia:

  • the clothespin on my left middle finger that was supposed to monitor my heartrate and oxygen levels (but I swear they just wanted to squeeze my finger until the circulation was cut off)
  • the blood pressure cuff of doom that hugged the life out of my right arm every 30 - 45 minutes
  • the fetal heart monitor that had to stay in the exact right place or else 
  • the monitor that measured the contractions that had the same parameters as the fetal heart monitor
  • not to mention the towel made of sandpaper laying beneath me that gave my bottom a facial
Normally, if true labor and birth were inevitably on the not-so-distant horizon, these wouldn't bother me. However, when I was checked upon arrival I had progressed very little from my doctor's appointment.  I was barely over a 1 and still only 50% effaced. Ugh. As I lay there for the next two hours, I just knew they were going to send me home. This made all of the above monitors, etc. especially annoying. 

The most comfortable position for me was my right side. Unfortunately, the wire attached to the clothespin on my left hand was too short. I had to wriggle my way (without disturbing the fetal heart monitor & contraction monitor) onto my right side while keeping my left hand towards the left side of the bed. It was a terrible game of L&D Twister. I eventually discovered I could put my left hand on my face and this provided a little bit of comfort. 

I had finally settled into a somewhat comfortable position at around 1 am. I couldn't wait to fall asleep.  And then, the cuff. The plastic bore a perfect impression around my right biceps. No rest for the weary. Meanwhile, Matt snoozed annoyingly well in the recliner. 

The nurse came in an hour later to confirm my suspicions. I had made very little progress. After forcing a small dose of Ambien on me, she let me go, saying, "I'll probably see you this afternoon!"

Well, that was Thursday and it's Tuesday. 

Honestly, it's been nice to have the break. Matt took the weekend off just in case. This has provided a sweet retreat for our family before the madness begins. Definitely a blessing in disguise. 

I've included a picture below taken right before we left for the hospital. I pretty much look the same. (This one's especially for my sister-in-law Tiffany :) )

If nothing happens between now and then, I will be induced on Friday morning - a week before Matt is scheduled to be speaking in North Carolina at Advance '09.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Norah's Nursery

A virtual tour of Norah's nursery. I'm still waiting for her quilt and bumpers to be finished. I'll write a special post for that. For now, here's what we've got:

You might notice the tissue pom-poms in the crib. Those will be going up shortly...hanging in the right corner and in the opposite corner not shown. The paint color I chose was Plaster Pink 2 from Laura Ashley home at Lowe's. I originally said I didn't want pink and brown. The bedding is mainly yellow with a wide range of pinks and a hint of brown. I found some beautiful drapes for a great deal and they were, of all colors, brown with light golden polka dots. So - pink & brown (& yellow & green) it would be!

This was the chandelier we replaced in our dining room. Size-wise, it fits better in the nursery. I just added some painted shades and trimmed them with the brown tassels.

My sweet Momma made this for Norah. You can't see it very well in this picture but the print in the upper-middle pane is Norman Rockwell's A Day in the Life of a Girl. Upon seeing Mom's piece of artwork, Audrey immediately asked if she could have a bear like this one. 

Mom and I found this dresser at a consignment store in town (Furniture Buy Consignment). This piece was previously used in a model home. The knobs had been painted like baseballs for a baseball themed room. We just spray-painted them brown and voila :)

This nightstand went along with the dresser. We have yet to paint the knob!

Be looking for a special post on the nursery bedding. I have two friends who have started a baby bedding business and I can't wait to introduce them (and their work) to you!