Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Like the rising sun that shines/from the darkness comes a Light/I hear Your voice and this is my/awakening..."

I can't help but imagine this scene when I hear those lyrics from the new Passion project::Awakening::

Draped in graveclothes lying in the deep dark tomb.
A light pierces the pink veil of his eyelids.
He can't help but try to peek through the strips of linen to see what source could radiate such incandescence.
The grogginess of death's slumber begins to melt but still refuses to relinquish it's residue.
"Lazarus, come out."
At that point, there was no wondering.
No veil.
No residue.
No question.
His Lord had spoken.
This was Lazarus' awakening.

There are two awakenings. One that, Lord willing, happens on earth: when our souls are transferred from the domain of darkness into the kingdom of the beloved Son. This is the most important awakening. If there is not this first one, there is not a second...at least not a second that is unto Life.

The second awakening is glorious in a different way than the first is glorious. In this awakening, we follow in the footsteps of the Preeminent One, Jesus--He who has gone before us. Then, we will know as we are fully known. Our eyes will see Him.

In only a few hours, we will be celebrating a brother's second awakening. He is there. He knows as he is known. His eyes see Him.

His family mourns. His friends mourn. But we do not mourn as those who have no hope. We mourn with a groaning hope. Waiting for the second Awakening.

(for information on our friend and how you might be able to help his wife and two young children, go here )

(for information on the song, go here )


Rebekah Wallace said...

this song (along with all of the Passion stuff) has been our life soundtrack since January and I was so blessed to read your thoughts today. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend and encouraged with you for our 2nd awakening in His power.

Prudy said...

Praying for his wife and children. What a sad, tragic story. But as you said we know that he now stands with His Lord.

tris said...

LAuren...I sure love you friend...I am with you in prayer and adore/respect your faith...we are knit together!

Nikki said...

Beautiful post. I don't know the Keldie's, but my heart broke for them when I read what happened & they have been on my mind. I can't imagine...I have a boy & girl, similar ages (my son's name is even Will)...his dear wife is in my prayers.

Praise God for awakenings.

Jessi said...

This is really beautiful. Praying for their family and YOURS.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren,
My comment is totally unrelated to this post, but... tonight I was driving when it started to snow. As I was driving I was thinking about how Matt is starting treatment again tonight and for some reason was reminded of your "Snowy Promises" post about how the Lord uses snow to remind you of His promises. I was encouraged at the Lord's sweetness to send snow tonight of all nights and once again remind you of His promises. What a good and loving God we have... I was encouraged for you and so I wanted to share. DJ and I are continuing to pray for you guys!

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................