Sunday, July 15, 2012


Tomorrow around noon, eight of us will board a plane (the first of three) with Kenya as our final destination. Thank you to all who have been a part of this journey! I will do my best to blog while I'm there.

Today we met with our contacts from Lost Orphans International (Joey Darwin has been a HUGE help!) and a couple that recently returned from their fourth (yay!!) visit to Naomi's Village. They had so much to share with us about the children there, the Kenyans who live nearby, the Americans who are serving at NV and all they've seen the Lord do there. To say I am excited and expectant is an understatement! My heart (and eyes) welled up as I drank in the pictures of the people there. The Lord has been so faithful to align all of the details that I can't begin to imagine what He has in store for us!

Will you pray for (and with) us?

  • for unity among our team
  • for patience and safety as we travel
  • for peace in our hearts as we leave our families and our homes
  • for the Holy Spirit to speak clearly and LOUDLY
  • for the Lord to enlarge our hearts for whatever dreams He puts in them
  • that we would love well because we are so well loved by Him
  • for the Lord to sustain our health
  • for the gospel to go forth!!
Thank you, friends!

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Melissa Rowe Smith said...

Praying! I'm so excited that you will be on this side of the world. God will be so faithful to exalt Himself through the team and you!