Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Need Your Help

On July 16th, Audrey (my 9-year-old) and I will, Lord willing, be traveling with a small group of women to Kenya to love on some missionaries and orphans--one of whom has become particularly special to our family (she is pictured below). She lives in Naomi's Village--a home for children who have been orphaned or rescued from life-threatening circumstances. They receive love, care, support and discipleship.

The Lord put this trip on my heart in January, and He has been faithful to line up our schedule and place people to join us in the adventure--physically, spiritually and financially. However, we've run into a snag. With rising gas prices, our plane tickets are much higher than we initially planned.

When I first received the news, I was honestly discouraged. I felt sure that this is what the Lord had in store for us. Providentially, I was reading through a manuscript of an amazing new author who serves as a missionary with her husband and children in the Middle East (I cannot wait to recommend her book to you!). She recounts the story in Exodus 17:8-13 of the battle between the Israelites and the Amalekites. Joshua and a select group of men go out to fight their enemies. Moses, Aaron and Hur stand on the top of a hill nearby. Whenever Moses holds up the staff of God with his hands high in the air, Joshua and the Israelites prevail. As soon as his arms lower, their enemies prevail. Naturally, Moses' arms began to grow weary but they did not give up. They took a stone and put it under Moses, and he sat on it, while Aaron and Hur held up his hands. It says, "So his hands were steady until the going down of the sun...and Joshua overwhelmed Amalek and his people with the sword."

Now, I know this story is ultimately a shadow of Christ's arms being outstretched on a cross on our behalf to utterly destroy our enemies of sin and death. Praise Him!! But, I also believe it is a portrait of how we may come alongside one another, "one on one side, and the other on the other side," to accomplish something we feel the Lord has put in our heart to do.

This is where you come in. Would you prayerfully consider giving to this trip? Would you stand with us, "one on one side, and the other on the other side" to see this come to fruition? If you can't give financially, will you pray for the Lord to provide? If you can give financially, there is one small incentive.

At the end of this month I am going into the studio to record my first EP (a collection of 5 or 6 songs that I have written and will perform). I would love to give you a copy of it (once it is printed, which would be some time toward the beginning of August...after our trip to Kenya), if you give $10 or more to our trip. 

Here's how you can give:

Online: go to - general donations tab - Naomi's Village - add to cart - select amount to donate - choose Naomi's Village again in the drop down menu - place order - put *Chandler* in the comment section when filling out the donate page.

By mail: Send a check payable to LOI with "Chandler" in the memo line to: LOI, P.O. Box 1388, McKinney, Texas 75070

***make sure you give them your address for tax purposes and (if you give $10 or more) so that I can send you your copy of the EP***

All contributions are tax-deductible.

Thank you for even considering this and especially for praying for us! I will be updating the blog in the coming weeks, during our trip and afterward.


For more information on Naomi's Village, go to


Amanda W. said...

Done and done! So that you too can go and see where my heart dwells and Audrey can have the life changing experience of seeing Africa for herself! Thank you for being obedient and for allowing us to be apart of your journey!

Them Chandlers said...

thank you, Amanda!!!!

TJ Tamer said...

My wife and I would be more than thrilled to help you take the gospel to the nations. If we put *Chandler* in the comment online ordering will you be notified?

Them Chandlers said...

TJ, first of all, THANK YOU!! Secondly, yes, I will be notified! They send me an update every week of who has given and what amount. Thank you, thank you!!

Jana said...

I'd love to help a little, but can I barter? If you take Julie vanilla tootsie rolls I'm in. I keep telling her I'll send some her way & keep forgetting to get them in someones suitcase! :)

Lindsay Rushing said...

Done:) I wish we could have given more but I hope it helps! You're family is precious to me and my husband.

Renee said...

Thank you for the opportunity to give! I pray y'all make it over there!

Jeannie N. said...

Would love to help! And I can't wait to hear about the author- any chance it's Gloria Furman? Because she's amazing!

Unknown said...

Definitely will send some for you guys! Praying the Lord would use you both for His glory!

Amanda said...

Just contributed and responded on Facebook, but I'll say it again here. I really hope you'll consider sharing how your trip affects Audrey. I'm dying to take my older kids on a mission trip. They're just a bit older than Audrey. I know how my whole world was turned upside down after my first mission trip, and I was a teenager. Taking a nine-year-old (or in my case, a ten- and eleven-year-old) would be incredible. I can only imagine what kind of heart transformation such a trip would initiate. To get to be a part of that as a Mom? What an unbelievable blessing. I'm so excited for you both (and a teeny-tiny bit jealous). Blessings to you both!!

Morgan said...

I hope the stars don't need to be around your name... Do they?

Unknown said...

As soon as I lay my baby girl down, I'll be on my computer donating. I'm sending this to my Bible study girls and small group as well. What an amazing opportunity! I'll be praying hard for you guys as well!

Sam Jones said...

I love this! My husband & I are so excited to be able to give for you guys to go! We live in Fort Worth & have faithfully come to HV for the past 3 years we have been here & you have no idea what your family means to us. We are praying those things you asked above & even more! Grace & peace my sister!

Morgan said...

Does Chandler have to have the *'s around it? If so, is there a way that I can change it?

Thank you guys for loving our Lord and for serving him whole-heartedly!

I will be praying for you guys as y'all go!

Sara said...

So excited for you and Audrey, and happy to help! Looking forward to hearing you speak at TGC's Women's Conf. later this month.

Don Dinnerville said...

Privileged to support you. As for the music - would love to receive the digital version if possible, but happy to get the CD if not. :-)

K.W. said...

What an awesome opportunity and experience that will be for you and your daughter! I would love to help. Just out of curiosity (and I hope you do have this problem!), what will happen to the extra if you exceed the amount you need?

Gabriel Spence said...

Lauren I will be helping with this for sure. On 3 occasions other people have made it possible for me to go on missions trips which have be incredibly formative in my life. I hope Audrey will be able to say the same. 


AKA Jane Random said...

It's a pleasure to give. We got to catch a glimpse of Audrey's sweet and spunky spirit at Kanakuk last year. What an amazing opportunity for both of you. May God richly bless you and those you serve through it.

Them Chandlers said...

Jana, absolutely!!

Lindsay, anything you give will be so appreciated and used by the Lord! Thank you!

Renee, thank you for your prayers and your gift!

Jeannie, thank you!!! That name does ring a bell ;)

Lauren, thank you so much!

Jane Random ;) - thank you!! Are y'all going back?? We'll be at Term 10 this summer and Matt is speaking at Term 10 next! We are so grateful to go!

Amanda, thank you! I will definitely keep you posted on how this trip affects Audrey. I am super hopeful and excited for it to rock her world and the Lord uses it to further His work in her!

Morgan, long as it somewhat resembles Chandler, you're good :) Thank you!!

HD, thank you!!! So grateful you're sharing this with your Bible study!

Sam, FW to HV is a haul! Thank you for being so faithful! Thank you also for your generosity!!

Morgan, anything close to Chandler will work! Thank you!

Sara, thank you! Very much looking forward to TGC :)

Don, thank you!! That can easily be done!

KW, that's a great question...I don't have the exact answer but I know it will for sure go into LOI's general fund to serve places like Naomi's Village. I am asking that they send all extra funds to Naomi's Village but we'll see what they are able to do (legally/policy-wise).

Gabriel, that's amazing!! I love how the Lord uses others like Aaron and Hur :) Glad you've been the recipient of such grace and so thankful you're being that for us!

Lynzie Brewer said...

So excited to hear of your upcoming trip! My husband and I are excited to support your journey and will be praying for you, Audrey, and the people you will be ministering to!!

Christ In Me said...

So excited for you and your girl, and so happy to be able to give in this way! You prayed with me at a SPIN weekend when my heart was breaking for my students, and it was such a blessing to my soul. I'm so thankful I get to return that gift, as I'll be praying for God to richly bless this trip and to use you to the Glory of His name. I'll be volunteering at TGC in a few weeks, I'm looking forward to hearing you speak. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Anne Jackson said...

I just booked my flight to Swaziland yesterday not having a clue how to pay for it. So I am praying for both of us! I also had the sticker shock of when I looked at flights two weeks ago compared to yesterday! Wow. Doubled.

Unknown said...

Lauren be encouraged!! I'm moving to Kenya at the end of the month and had an extra financial need pop up and people started giving before I even said a word! These higher prices are no surprise to Him and He is able!!!
Where in Kenya will you be? Y'all should come to Kisumu and visit!! I'm working with a non profit ministry called Ndoto: For Africa's Future!! We have a sponsorship program to get kids in a slum to school and I will be discipling the ladies!! Wild love for y'all to see if it you're in the area!
Praying for you both and that God would raise up the extra money soon!!

Team Green said...

Prayed and done on LOI. Makes my heart so happy to think of you and A on this trip together. Potentially life changing. I hope she'll journal throughout as well. Can't wait to hear what the Lord does through your group! Love you La!

CynthiaJSwenson said...

It's an honor to be able to participate in this venture Lauren. I'm thinking that's why the Lord gave you the need. I don't check your blog that often but I was just reading at Ann's at A Holy Experience where her husband said "sometimes safe is useless" and she writes about living dangerously & passionately for God. Thought of your family right then & clicked over. Will gladly drop a check in the mail. Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

Unknown said...

We'll be praying for your preparation, body, spirit and mind, prior to this amazing adventure! Hope to have the opportunity to meet you in Fla. but if not here, there's always eternity ; )

Andi Upton

Nora Zemler said...

Praying for your trip. Thank you for blessing us by letting us help in a small way.
Also, we praise God for your heart and desire to serve His children.

BeamingBeauties said...

Thank you for letting us be a "part" of yours and Audrey's trip. Excited to be able to give and put the dates on the calendar to lift you two and the team up in prayer!