Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Naomi's Village's Newest Additions

I received the following e-mail not too long ago announcing a few additions to Naomi's Village:

We will soon have 32 children who call Naomi's Village home! 
God has been faithful in rescuing children who need a new hope 
and His love.  Let us introduce to you our newest "adorables." 

Esther (picture on the left), 4 yrs. and newborn Baby Naomi (picture on the right) joined us in April 2012.  Abandoned by her parents when she was 2 yrs. old, Esther was taken in by a person who then severely abused her. She was rescued from this traumatic situation and has been awaiting a permanent home for 2 years.  Sweet Naomi was found abandoned in a field shortly after her birth. Miraculously, she was rescued before being attacked by safari ants, dogs, etc. and before becoming severly dehydrated under an equatorial sun.  We praise God for these 2 rescued lives! 
The boys above are Laban, 6, and his brother James, 4.  They will join us next week upon completion of required paperwork.  After their mother died 2 years ago, the father abused their young teen-age sister. The father is now serving a life sentence in Kenyan prison.   

Laban and James are shy, sweet young boys.  We are thankful God is bringing them to Naomi's Village where they will be safe and loved.  Both of these boys need sponsors.  If you can help, please let me know. You could also help by sharing the story of Naomi's Village and these 2 precious boys with your family and friends.  Perhaps they would like to be a part of restoring hope to Laban and James.  Please also pray for Laban and James as they make the transition to their new home soon.  
Thank you for your love, support and prayers for our children and staff at Naomi's Village.  Your prayers and words of encouragement give us strength to press on each day. 

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